The luxurious hotel where Cristiano and Georgina spent nights in Saudi Arabia at 500 euros per night

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez have moved to Saudi Arabia after the Portugal transnational decided to subscribe for Al Nassr.

The couple, who have been in Riyadh for a month, are temporarily staying in a hostel while staying for their new hearthstone to be delivered.

According to the Daily Mail, Georgina and Cristiano have rented a aggregate of 17 luxury apartments between the 48th and 50th bottoms for a aggregate of,150 euros/ night at the Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh.

This is a figure that veritably many could go, but Ronaldo’s new economic 200 million euro deal allows him to enjoy similar comforts.

The couple have settled in the Kingdom Suite, a 350 square cadence room that stretches to two bottoms.

Their suite has a gigantic and further than equipped white marble restroom with double Gomorrah, a vortex hogshead and shower.

Meanwhile, Four Seasons have applied a special security protocol so that no bone
disturbs the football star or his family.