Reason why hotel room not have wall clocks

When staying at a permata55 hotel, did you realize that there is never a clock installed in your room? This is done on purpose.

You won’t find wall clocks in hotel rooms. If you need to know the time while staying at the hotel, you can see it through personal items such as watches or personal cellphones.

Then, why does the hotel have a policy of not providing clocks in its rooms? Launching from the Parador Hotels website, the wall clock is not provided with certain considerations made by the hotel.

One of the reasons turns out to be for the convenience of guests enjoying their time staying at the hotel. But, that’s not the only reason why hotels don’t provide clocks in their rooms.
Here are some reasons why there are no clocks in hotel rooms.

  1. So as not to disturb the peace of guests

Unlike at home, the existence of a wall clock is considered to disturb the peace of guests. When staying overnight, guests tend to want peace and quiet.

  1. Cost Efficiency

The cost of using a clock in a hotel room can be cost-efficient. For this reason, some hotels choose not to install wall clocks in each room.

  1. There is an Alternative to the Clock

Hotels provide wake up call facilities that can help remind hotel visitors. In addition, there are alternatives in the form of digital clocks and smartphones owned by guests.

  1. Prevents Guests from Leaving Too Soon

Apart from the ticking that makes a noise that can be disturbing, guests can also want to go home quickly. Guests can rush to pack their belongings if they see the clock approaching check out time.

  1. Helps Guests Be More Relaxed

When staying at a hotel and there is no wall clock, guests can be more comfortable and stay without rushing.

Those are the five reasons why wall clocks are not provided in hotel rooms.