Grand- Hotel Du Cap- Ferrat, A Four Seasons Hotel Inaugurates Two estates

“ To live happily, we’ve to hide down ” this adage finds all its meaning then. Located in the heart of the French Riviera, Saint- Jean- Cap- Ferrat is nestled in an exceptional point girdled by verdure.

Perched on a promontory protruding into the Mediterranean Sea, the ancient riverside vill has come a fashionable deepwater resort since the 1950’s, popular with celebrities and politicians from each over the world.

The iconic palace of the French riviera is located at the end of the cape in the middle of 17 acres of lushly landscaped auditoriums overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The Grand- Hôtel du Cap- Ferrat, a Four Seasons Hotel has just inaugurated two new major estates nestled in the lush landscaping of the property. Now, the new estates Beauchamp and Clair Soleil are available to rent. Orchestrated by the innards mastermind Sybille de Margerie, these two magnific estates offer musketeers and families a luxury stay in total sequestration. These exceptional estates are an ode to artificer, design and art inspired by the deepwater style of the early 20th century of the French Riviera. “ With the launch of Villa Beauchamp and Villa Clair- Soleil, guests seeking sequestration and insulation can enjoy the estates unique setting and fabulous design, while serving from exceptional Four Seasons service ” explained General Manager Francois- Regis Simon. “ Our guests anticipate to feel at home when they’re on vacation ” he added. The palace fully understood what their guests were looking for. The answer was to make the design alive. New Villa Beauchamp and Villa Clair- Soleil are in the portfolios of the hostel along with the Villa Rose- Pierre. The three estates offer butler service, have private access and of course guests can use all the palace installations. A pathway connects the Hotel’s three estates, it’s also possible to rent them all.

Villa Clair Soleil

Coming to Villa Rose Pierre, the new manor Clair Soleil is more intimate. erected in the medial 2oth century, the two bedroom manor has kept its refined atmosphere. The living room opens onto a panoramic sundeck with views over the Mediterranean Sea. Then again, Sybille de Margerie precisely named the artists to work with. The famed developer Andreea Braescu created a chandelier with exquisite white biscuit and demitasse rudiments.

The color palette is more vibrant with traces of red, orange do not forget that the sun is always present in the manor. Green accentuations recalling the outside geography, marble bottom, citation sceneries, delicate cabinetwork make the manor an ideal dreamlike nest. An unequaled elegant atmosphere and a nest of tranquility. Villa Clair Soleil has also a swimming pool and a private spa, with direct access to the theater .

Villa Beauchamp

Nestled in a beautiful Mediterranean theater inked by the master of auditoriums Jean Mus, the five- bedroom manor is so elegant and surely exudes a southern feeling. The sunny color palette named by Sybille de Margerie enhances the atmosphere of peacefulness. She has commissioned multiple artists to produce magnific artworks inside the manor. Each detail of the scenery is precisely chosen so that the luxury of the inside impeccably merges with the outside.

In the living room, the painter Claire Basler created a dreamlike green triptych inspired by the marquee pine trees while in the master bedroom, the artist Véronique de Soultrait created a wall scenery using rope marquetry stretched with a touch of gold leaves.

In the main restroom, the stunning mosaic bottom is inspired by the work of Jean Cocteau, a memorial of his work at the near Villa Santo Sospir.

Villa Beauchamp also owns a 16 cadence pool, state- of- the- art cinema room, a Technogym fitness room along with a sauna and hammam, with direct access to the theater . conterminous to the manor, the Pavillon is independent with its two bedrooms completely equipped, with a private sundeck for each room.