Charnock Richard’s Park Hall Hotel is set to renew

A Lancashire hostel, that closed suddenly and cancelled marriages meant to take place there, is set to renew under new operation.

Charnock Richard’s Park Hall Hotel suddenly blazoned that it was closing its doors in February 2022.

At the time, a sign was left on the hostel’s gates that said “ from now until farther notice the hostel is unrestricted ”.

The advertisement caused desolation for dozens of couples who had marriages reserved at the venue.

The hostel noway restarted despite enterprise that it was going to be used as accommodation for shelter campaigners.

Now it has been verified that the hostel on Park Hall Road is going to restarted by Brilliant hospices.

It isn’t yet known exactly when it’ll renew but job operations for the hostel have been announced.

Brilliant hospices ’ director, Anoob Saban, said the venue has huge eventuality.

He said “ Brilliant hospices has the experience in taking over the unrestricted or run down hospices and investing in the property and bringing it to its glory.

“ We presently enjoy and operate six hospices.

“ Park Hall Hotel in Chorley has huge implicit and with investment this can come a resort that can drive both business and rest guests to the area. ”

Mr Saban said staff are presently carrying out safety checks on the point.

He said “ We’re doing some compliance checks as safety of guests and staff is the top precedence for Brilliant hospices, as soon as this is completed we will open the hostel in phases.

“ The main structure with 56 apartments, eatery, bar and two junketing halls are in good standard. still it’ll take three to six months to renew the rest club and lodges. ”

Mr Saban said they plan on giving the hostel a “ new parcel of life ”.

He said “ Over the coming two times, all our sweats and focus will be at this hostel to make it a resort- themed holiday

“ Plans include perfecting the rest club and adding further treatment apartments and conceivably an recreation or hall and other entertainment to feed to the families. ”

Mr Saban said the business will be working nearly with the original community and produce new jobs for the area.

He said “ All our hospices work nearly with the original community and we aim towards making our hospices a mecca for the original community to meet, dine and enjoy the installations.

“ I understand from some old news that the original residers are upset the way the hostel was run but we believe in working nearly with original community and the authorities to drive business to the area and ameliorate the original frugality.

“ We’re also aiming to produce further than jobs to start with and will increase when further installations are added to the point.

“ We also hope to get involved in all community enterprise and charities. presently we work with GiftTree, Charity Escapes and Beyond the moon charity organisations.

“ We’re veritably much looking forward to continuing this hostel and making this hostel a’ destination ’. ”

Brilliant hospices is looking for staff members to work at the hostel once it has restarted. Job operations can be set up on Indeed.